Bilas: Pick-by-pick bracket analysis

Jay Bilas takes readers deep into his March Madness picks. Kim Klement/US Presswire

Selection Sunday is a blur. Every season, mere minutes after the NCAA tournament bracket is revealed, I'm sitting in front of the TV camera and asked to provide insight into matchups I've considered for only a few seconds at best.

Fortunately, it's an easy task for those whose voluminous hoops knowledge is so robust it encroaches on the borders of neighboring nations (sorry, Canada). But while the Bilastrator is up to the challenge, the process is not ideal for a detailed bracket breakdown, immeasurable swag or no.

Whether you're a fan or an analyst, when it comes to making picks, no one likes to be rushed. So this season I've taken a step back after Selection Sunday. Using the many tools at my disposal, I've laboriously mined the depths of the 2012 bracket to find shiny gems of tourney knowledge. I now bestow those gems upon you, taking you pick by pick through the Bilas Bracket.

The West

Round of 64

No. 1 Michigan State over No. 16 Long Island:
When I was detailing the in-depth study used for this article, I didn't mean here. No 16-seed has ever beaten a 1-seed. I don't see it here, either. If it ever happens, it will be a complete shocker.

No. 9 Saint Louis over No. 8 Memphis: Memphis was under-seeded, and the selection committee did the Tigers no favors with Saint Louis from a matchup perspective. Saint Louis is able to slow teams down and can take care of the ball. Memphis has to defend and rebound to get out and run, but the Billikens don't give up the ball easily. This is a matchup win for Saint Louis, and a committee loss for Memphis.