Bilas: Pick-by-pick bracket analysis

On Selection Sunday, the gray matter of The Bilastrator is put into overdrive, and ESPN places a bracket in front of The Bilastrator and demands his picks as fast as he can write in the winners. Of course, given the unmatched basketball acumen of The Bilastrator, such a daunting task is quite simple. But after the light-speed selection special analysis, I have a little more time to reflect on the field, and each year for ESPN Insider I submit my more considered analysis.

The Bilastrator used his magnificent penmanship to scratch out a bracket that is a thing of beauty, and a real work of art. Like any great work of art, it is worth a lot of money.

Speaking of a lot of money, Warren Buffett is handing out a billion smackers for a perfect bracket. Well Warren, you might as well get out your checkbook now, because you are about to owe The Bilastrator $1 billion. Let us commence through The Bilastrator's perfect bracket, while Warren Buffett empties his pockets and overturns the cushions of his sofa to scrounge up the billion bucks he owes to The Bilastrator. Let this art flow over you while The Bilastrator is poppin' bottles in the club, because that's what winners do. Get an umbrella, because The Bilastrator will be making it rain with Buffett's billion.

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South Regional

Round of 64

Florida over Albany/Mount St. Mary's: The Gators are the best team, and best defensive team, in the regional. The "go-to guy" for Florida is the open man, and the Gators will move on after dispatching Albany.

Pittsburgh over Colorado: The Panthers are at full strength, led by Lamar Patterson and Talib Zanna. Patterson is one of the most efficient, productive and versatile players in the nation, and Pittsburgh will beat a Colorado team that has played without top player Spencer Dinwiddie.

VCU over Stephen F. Austin: The Rams can run and press, and have Briante Weber to cause havoc and force turnovers and play at a pace that Stephen F. Austin will not be able to match. VCU will march on to the next round.