Coaches: Duke will end MSU's run

Michigan State is the unquestioned underdog in this Final Four, though given the presence of Tom Izzo and his six Final Fours, no one is dismissing the Spartans as a run-of-the-mill No. 7 seed. Will Duke, back in the Final Four for the first time since 2010, fend off the MSU challenge and give Coach K a shot at national title number five? We put the Duke/Michigan State question to roughly a dozen Division I coaches -- both head coaches and assistants -- to see if any thought MSU could keep the magic going against top-seeded Duke. The sentiments, we found, do not favor Sparty.

(On Monday, our coaches panel assessed the Kentucky vs. Wisconsin matchup):

Keys to the win

"Michigan State has to handle Duke's pressure. That will be huge if they have any shot of winning."

"Duke can still have an off game and win this one. Michigan State needs to play its 'A' game, and I'm still not sure it wins."

"The way to beat Duke is with size on the perimeter, and Michigan State plays small guards. Coach K has the edge in just about every matchup."