The good ... and the bad from '05

As the end of the season approaches, it is a good time to evaluate some of the decisions made last offseason regarding free-agent signings and players acquired via trade. Not all deals work out for the best, and in many cases the first season doesn't always necessarily tell the whole story of a player's tenure with a club. A full season, though, allows for the hot streaks and slumps to be accounted for and gives a pretty good sampling of whether the acquisition has been successful.

Following are the 10 offseason moves that have worked out the best and the 10 that have worked out the worst.

The Good
1. Pedro Martinez, New York Mets: Martinez has been everything the Mets desired when they signed him. He has been the stopper. The day he pitches is an event in New York. Despite the fact that his hip has bothered him and the Mets have massaged his time between starts, he has logged innings and been very productive.