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Here are my breakdowns of each NL team's draft class, again focusing on the players most likely to have some kind of big league role or impact. I don't grade drafts, but the three I liked the best, based on players I've scouted and what I've heard from scouts I trust, are Houston's, San Diego's, and Pittsburgh's -- with an honorable mention to Washington's, based just one that one pick.

Arizona Diamondbacks
Summary: I loved Stryker Trahan (1) with the first pick; he's improving as a catcher, and he's athletic enough to do it, but more importantly, I think he'll hit and hit for power, so if he has to move out from behind the plate, he still has a chance to profile. Jose Munoz (2) was a mild surprise, a lean-bodied shortstop with a plus arm and future above-average power who has a pretty high ceiling if he can stay at the position. Jake Barrett (3) has outstanding stuff, up to 96 mph with a plus slider and pretty good control, but he has a violent delivery and has had multiple bouts of elbow soreness. Chuck Taylor (4) can run and play center, but his bat is a huge gamble. Ronnie Freeman (5) projects as a backup catcher who's good enough to the play the position but not plus and who doesn't have the bat to profile as a regular.

Atlanta Braves