The most MLB-ready in 2010

Ohio State's Alex Wimmers could arrive in the majors before anyone else from his class. Richard C. Lewis/Icon SMI

Over the past few years we've seen teams get more and more aggressive in promoting college players taken high in the draft through their farm systems, a pattern no longer limited just to college relievers. (It's also probably worth pointing out that taking college relievers high with the goal of rushing to the majors was a decidedly mixed bag, as every Chad Cordero was matched with a Ryan Wagner and a Bill Bray.)

With that one criterion in mind, here's a ranking of the 20 prospects closest to the majors from my top 100 ranking, without regard to ceiling or signability.

1. Alex Wimmers, RHP, Ohio State:
Not the best starter in the class, but arguably the one needing the least development time. He's kind of a poor man's Mike Leake, getting hitters out with off-speed stuff, but without Leake's ability to get ground balls.

2. Chris Sale, LHP, Florida Gulf Coast:
I think he could pitch in the majors inside of a year as a reliever, maybe even this fall, but that's a fantasy, as he's going to be drafted so high that he'll be used as a starter.