Scoring Summary

1stAcuña Jr. homered to left (416 feet).10
1stFreeman homered to right (423 feet).20
2ndSwanson homered to right (412 feet).30
2ndLucroy doubled to left, Pérez scored and Stevenson scored, Lucroy out stretching at third.32
3rdAcuña Jr. homered to center (397 feet).42
3rdTurner homered to left (402 feet), Robles scored.44
7thAcuña Jr. grounded out to second, Riley scored, Sandoval to second, Pache to third.54
8thStevenson reached on infield single to third, Garcia scored, Pérez to second, Castro to third.55
9thSoto singled to deep center, Robles scored, Turner to second.56