1-4, 1-4 away

Scoring Summary

1stAcuña Jr. scored, Freeman to third, Ozuna to second on passed ball by Lucroy.10
1stTurner homered to left (381 feet), Robles scored.12
1stCastro singled to center, Soto scored, Zimmerman to third.13
1stStevenson hit sacrifice fly to left, Zimmerman scored.14
2ndFried reached on infield single to shortstop, Riley scored.24
2ndAcuña Jr. singled to center, Inciarte scored, Fried to third.34
2ndAlbies grounded out to shortstop, Fried scored, Acuña Jr. to third.44
2ndd'Arnaud doubled to deep center, Acuña Jr. scored and Freeman scored.64
2ndCastro singled to right center, Soto scored, Zimmerman to third.65
7thAlbies scored on Suero wild pitch, Freeman to second on wild pitch by Suero.75
7thCastro doubled to left, Soto scored.76