2-7, 1-2 away
3-3, 2-1 home

Scoring Summary

2ndRojas singled to left center, Chisholm Jr. scored, Rojas to second.10
2ndDe La Cruz singled to left center, Rojas scored, De La Cruz to second.20
5thChisholm Jr. hit a ground rule double to deep right center, Jackson scored, Anderson to third.30
5thVillar homered to center (424 feet).31
6thAguilar doubled to right, Jackson scored and Sierra scored.51
9thNimmo homered to right center (423 feet), Sisco scored.53
9thBáez reached on infield single to shortstop, Do. Smith scored, Alonso to third.54
9thConforto singled to left, Alonso scored, Báez scored on fielding error by left fielder Alfaro, Conforto to second.56