6-7, 3-4 away
6-7, 2-6 home

Scoring Summary

3rdPiscotty homered to left (404 feet).01
4thW. Castro doubled to deep right, Candelario scored.11
4thAndrus hit sacrifice fly to right, Olson scored, Murphy to third.12
5thOlson homered to right center (428 feet).13
6thGoodrum homered to center (413 feet).23
6thLaureano walked, Andrus scored, Lowrie to second, Canha to third.24
6thChapman doubled to deep left center, Canha scored and Lowrie scored, Laureano to third.26
6thMurphy walked, Laureano scored, Olson to second, Chapman to third.27
7thLowrie singled to left, Kemp scored, Canha to second.28
9thW. Castro tripled to deep right, Núñez scored.38
9thSchoop hit sacrifice fly to left, W. Castro scored.48