12-2, 6-2 away
9-6, 4-4 home

Scoring Summary

2ndCampusano singled to right, Machado scored on error, Profar to second, Profar safe at third on fielding error by right fielder Betts.01
5thRaley homered to right center (436 feet).11
5thTatis Jr. homered to center (410 feet).12
6thTaylor singled to shallow left, Turner scored on error and Muncy scored on throwing error by shortstop Tatis Jr., Taylor to third.32
6thMcKinstry struck out, Taylor scored on Kela wild pitch, McKinstry to first on wild pitch by Kela.42
7thTatis Jr. grounded into fielder's choice to third, Kim scored on throwing error by second baseman McKinstry, Grisham out at second.43
8thMcKinstry doubled to deep right, Smith scored, Muncy to third.53
8thProfar doubled to left, Machado scored and Myers scored.55
9thTurner singled to center, Betts scored.65
9thHosmer singled to right, Machado scored.66
12thSeager homered to right center (423 feet), Betts scored.86
12thMcKinstry singled to shallow center, Turner scored, Taylor to second, Muncy to third.96
12thRaley reached on infield single to first, Muncy scored, McKinstry to second, Taylor to third.106
12thPrice hit sacrifice fly to left, Taylor scored.116