Scoring Summary


3rdMadrigal grounded out to third, Robert scored.10
3rdAnderson homered to center (407 feet).20
3rdLuplow homered to left (381 feet).21
4thAbreu homered to left (458 feet).31
4thHernandez reached on infield single to shortstop, A. Rosario scored, R. Pérez to second, Naylor out at home on runner's fielder's choice.32
6thMoncada doubled to deep center, Eaton scored.42
6thAbreu singled to shallow center, Moncada scored.52
6thGrandal homered to right (387 feet), Abreu scored.72
7thAbreu homered to left center (402 feet).82
7thReyes singled to right, Luplow scored, Hernandez to second.83
9thNaylor doubled to deep left, Reyes scored.84
9thR. Pérez singled to shallow center, Naylor scored.85
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