10-10, 2-6 away
7-13, 7-7 home

Scoring Summary

1stStory hit sacrifice fly to left, Tapia scored.01
3rdHoskins homered to center (435 feet), Nola scored.21
3rdGregorius singled to right, Harper scored, Realmuto to third.31
3rdBohm hit sacrifice fly to right, Realmuto scored.41
5thTapia grounded out to first, Díaz scored, Trejo to third.42
5thMcMahon homered to right (424 feet), Trejo scored.44
6thHoskins homered to right center (408 feet), Nola scored and McCutchen scored.74
8thBlackmon grounded out to second, Tapia scored, Story to third.75