10-11, 2-7 away
8-13, 8-7 home

Scoring Summary

1stHarper homered to right center (430 feet).10
3rdHarper homered to right (468 feet).20
4thFuentes hit sacrifice fly to center, McMahon scored, Cron to third.21
4thGray singled to center, Cron scored, Nuñez to second.22
4thTapia singled to right, Nuñez scored, Tapia to second, Gray to third.23
4thStory homered to left (433 feet), Gray scored, Tapia scored and Hampson scored.27
5thNuñez tripled to left, Fuentes scored.28
5thTapia grounded out to first, Nuñez scored.29
6thDaza singled to center, McMahon scored, Cron to second.210
8thCron homered to left center (447 feet), Story scored.212