13-11, 8-3 away
15-7, 7-3 home

Scoring Summary

2ndBarnes singled to right, Muncy scored, Beaty to second, Taylor to third.01
3rdTurner singled to left, Seager scored.02
4thTatis Jr. homered to center (408 feet).12
6thNeuse homered to center (400 feet).13
6thTurner hit sacrifice fly to center, Betts scored.14
6thTaylor homered to center (390 feet), Seager scored and Muncy scored.17
7thCaratini singled to left, Cronenworth scored and Hosmer scored, Profar to second.37
8thHosmer singled to right, Tatis Jr. scored, Machado to second.47
8thMateo grounded into fielder's choice to second, Machado scored, Cronenworth out at second, Hosmer to third.57
9thGrisham singled to left, Caratini scored, Tatis Jr. to third.67
9thMachado singled to center, Tatis Jr. scored, Grisham to third.77
11thHosmer hit sacrifice fly to center, Tatis Jr. scored.87