Doubleheader - Game 1
18-11, 8-8 away
10-19, 8-8 home

Scoring Summary

1stBelt singled to right, Tauchman scored.10
1stDickerson singled to center, Belt scored, Posey to second.20
1stFlores singled to center, Dickerson scored and Posey scored, Crawford to second.40
1stDuggar doubled, Crawford scored, Vosler to third.50
1stBelt homered to right center (452 feet), Vosler scored, Duggar scored and Tauchman scored.90
1stPosey homered to right (378 feet).100
4thTapia homered to right (422 feet), Hampson scored, Nuñez scored and Fuentes scored.104
6thCrawford homered to right (405 feet), Posey scored.124