18-24, 10-15 away
22-20, 14-6 home

Scoring Summary

4thDuvall hit sacrifice fly to center, Chisholm Jr. scored.10
7thMcCutchen hit sacrifice fly to center, Maton scored.11
8thChisholm Jr. homered to right (378 feet), Berti scored.31
8thBohm doubled to deep right, Hoskins scored.32
8thMaton singled to right, Bohm scored, Knapp to second, Herrera to third.33
8thTorreyes doubled to left, Herrera scored and Knapp scored, Maton to third.35
8thSegura reached on infield single to first, Maton scored, McCutchen to second, Torreyes to third.36
8thHarper singled to right, McCutchen scored and Torreyes scored, Segura to third.38