24-19, 13-7 away
17-24, 6-16 home

Scoring Summary

2ndPhillips homered to right (398 feet), Díaz scored and Wendle scored.30
2ndMeadows homered to right (417 feet), Adames scored and Arozarena scored.60
3rdZunino homered to center (434 feet), Wendle scored.80
3rdHays singled to center, Wilkerson scored, Mullins to second.81
4thWilkerson singled to right, Galvis scored, Sisco to third.82
4thHays grounded into fielder's choice to second, Sisco scored, Mullins out at second, Wilkerson to third.83
4thMancini singled to left, Wilkerson scored, Hays to second.84
5thZunino homered to left (393 feet), Díaz scored.104
6thLowe singled to left center, Arozarena scored, Meadows to third.114
8thChoi homered to center (418 feet), Meadows scored.134
9thStewart singled to left, McKenna scored, Mancini to second.135
9thValaika singled to right center, Mancini scored, Stewart to third.136