25-19, 14-7 away
17-25, 6-17 home

Scoring Summary

1stMancini homered to center (413 feet).01
2ndGalvis homered to left (381 feet).02
2ndMancini doubled to left, Hays scored, McKenna scored and Mullins scored.05
5thBrosseau homered to left (393 feet), Zunino scored.25
5thArozarena homered to center (416 feet).35
5thMancini homered to center (431 feet).36
7thChoi singled to center, Kiermaier scored.46
7thArozarena homered to left (427 feet), Choi scored.66
8thChoi singled to center, Adames scored, Kiermaier to third.76
8thKiermaier scored on Fry wild pitch, Choi to second on wild pitch by Fry.86
8thArozarena doubled to deep left, Choi scored.96
9thSeverino singled to right center, Stewart scored, Mancini to third.97