23-21, 7-12 away
25-19, 14-9 home

Scoring Summary

1stPederson homered to right center (409 feet).10
3rdEdman doubled to center, Sosa scored.11
5thPederson hit sacrifice fly to center, Hoerner scored.21
6thGoldschmidt doubled to left, Carpenter scored, Carlson to third.22
7thHoerner scored on fielding error by third baseman Arenado.32
7thBryant doubled to deep right center, Pederson scored.42
7thCarlson singled to right, Sosa scored, Edman to third.43
8thSogard singled to left, Happ scored, Hoerner to second, Bote to third.53
8thBryant walked, Bote scored, Sogard to second, Hoerner to third.63
8thContreras walked, Hoerner scored, Bryant to second, Sogard to third.73
8thRizzo doubled to right, Sogard scored and Bryant scored, Rizzo to third, Contreras thrown out at home.93
8thBáez singled to left center, Rizzo scored.103
8thBote singled to left, Báez scored and Happ scored, Bote out stretching at second.123