22-17, 10-13 away
20-25, 8-10 home

Scoring Summary

1stLindor doubled to deep right, Villar scored.10
1stDo. Smith flied out to center, Lindor scored on throwing error by center fielder Sierra.20
2ndLeón hit sacrifice fly to center, Duvall scored.21
4thNido doubled to deep left center, Do. Smith scored.31
7thCooper homered to left (384 feet), Anderson scored.33
12thLee doubled to deep right, Do. Smith scored, Hager to third.43
12thFargas tripled to right, Hager scored and Lee scored, Fargas out stretching at home.63
12thRojas singled to shallow center, Sierra scored, Chisholm Jr. to third.64
12thDickerson grounded into double play, shortstop to first, Chisholm Jr. scored, Rojas out at second.65