23-23, 13-11 away
20-25, 11-13 home

Scoring Summary

1stShaw walked, Wong scored, Vogelbach to second, García to third.10
1stAdames singled to center, García scored and Vogelbach scored, Shaw to second.30
3rdGarcía homered to right (344 feet), Yelich scored.50
3rdWinker homered to center (456 feet).51
5thCastellanos doubled to left, Akiyama scored.52
6thWong tripled to deep right center, Adames scored and Urías scored.72
6thYelich singled to center, Wong scored.82
9thYelich homered to center (440 feet).92
9thCastellanos homered to left (397 feet), Winker scored.94