23-25, 8-15 away
23-25, 11-10 home

Scoring Summary

2ndTorreyes singled to center, Miller scored, Torreyes to second.10
2ndLeón hit sacrifice fly to left, Anderson scored.11
3rdHoskins hit a ground rule double to deep left, Segura scored.21
3rdAguilar doubled to deep left, Rojas scored.22
6thDickerson tripled to deep right center, Duvall scored and Berti scored.24
7thAguilar singled to right, Cooper scored, Rojas to third.25
7thDuvall homered to left (424 feet), Rojas scored and Aguilar scored.28
8thCooper doubled to deep left, Sierra scored.29
9thMiller homered to center (406 feet).39
9thMcCutchen doubled to right, Torreyes scored, Maton to third.49
9thHerrera grounded out to first, Maton scored, McCutchen to third.59
9thSegura doubled to deep left, McCutchen scored.69