30-19, 19-7 away
23-23, 10-11 home

Scoring Summary

1stWalls walked, Arozarena scored, Choi to second, Margot to third.10
1stWendle homered to left (348 feet), Margot scored, Choi scored and Walls scored.50
2ndGurriel Jr. homered to left (379 feet).51
4thGuerrero Jr. homered to center (461 feet).52
4thHernández homered to left (457 feet).53
8thGuerrero Jr. homered to center (384 feet), Tellez scored.55
10thMeadows doubled to deep right, Phillips scored, Arozarena to third.65
10thMargot singled to right, Arozarena scored, Meadows to third.75
10thSemien homered to right (382 feet), Davis scored.77
11thMejía singled to left center, Brosseau scored and Walls scored, Wendle to second.97
11thArozarena doubled to deep right center, Wendle scored, Mejía to third.107
11thMeadows grounded out to shortstop, Mejía scored, Arozarena to third.117
11thMargot tripled to deep right center, Arozarena scored and Lowe scored.137
11thBrosseau doubled to shallow left, Margot scored.147
11thEspinal grounded out to shortstop, Hernández scored, Gurriel Jr. to second.148