30-24, 15-14 away
32-22, 18-9 home

Scoring Summary

2ndLux homered to right (378 feet).01
2ndTaylor homered to left (399 feet).02
6thWilliams homered to (416 feet).12
6thCarlson homered to center (392 feet), Edman scored.32
6thSmith walked, Muncy scored, Bellinger to second, Turner to third.33
6thTaylor doubled to deep right, Smith scored, Turner scored and Bellinger scored.36
7thO'Neill homered to left (414 feet).46
8thLux homered to right center (421 feet).47
8thBeaty singled to shallow left, Taylor scored.48
8thBetts doubled to right center, Beaty scored.49