23-32, 10-17 away
29-26, 13-15 home

Scoring Summary

1stWong homered to right (391 feet).01
2ndHaase homered to left (374 feet).11
2ndCabrera doubled to deep right center, Candelario scored, W. Castro scored and Grossman scored.41
2ndSchoop homered to left (385 feet), Cabrera scored.61
2ndTaylor homered to right (369 feet).62
3rdHaase homered to center (407 feet).72
3rdWong homered to right (409 feet), Robertson scored.74
5thGarcía doubled to center, Yelich scored.75
6thSchoop homered to left (392 feet).85
8thTaylor homered to left (430 feet).86
9thW. Castro hit sacrifice fly to left, Haase scored.96
9thMazara doubled to deep left, Baddoo scored.106
9thUrías homered to left (391 feet).107