22-29, 9-14 away
25-27, 14-15 home

Scoring Summary

1stTurner scored, Harrison to second on passed ball by Contreras.10
1stAlbies doubled to left, Acuña Jr. scored.11
3rdSchwarber singled to right, Soto scored, Zimmerman to second.21
4thSoto singled to left, Voth scored and Harrison scored.41
4thZimmerman homered to right (391 feet), Soto scored.61
5thAcuña Jr. homered to center (432 feet), Camargo scored.63
5thSwanson singled to left, Albies scored, Riley to third.64
7thSchwarber singled to left, Soto scored, Castro to second.74
7thGomes doubled to deep center, Schwarber scored and Castro scored.94
7thRiley reached on infield single to shortstop, Acuña Jr. scored.95
8thSoto homered to center (409 feet), Turner scored.115
9thRiley hit sacrifice fly to center, Acuña Jr. scored.116