31-25, 16-15 away
33-23, 19-10 home

Scoring Summary

1stGoldschmidt homered to center (422 feet).10
1stTurner singled to shallow left, Betts scored, Muncy to second, Turner to second, Muncy safe at third on throwing error by left fielder O'Neill.11
1stBellinger singled to deep right, Muncy scored and Turner scored.13
1stLux singled to deep center, Bellinger scored on throwing error by shortstop Sosa, Lux to second, Taylor safe at third on error.14
1stMcKinstry singled to right center, Taylor scored and Lux scored.16
1stBetts singled to left, McKinstry scored, Barnes to second.17
1stBellinger homered to right (367 feet), Barnes scored, Betts scored and Turner scored.111
3rdArenado hit a ground rule double to right, Carlson scored.211
4thBuehler doubled to shallow right, Taylor scored and Lux scored, McKinstry to third.213
4thBetts singled to right, McKinstry scored, Buehler to third.214
5thCarlson homered to right (365 feet).314