24-32, 11-17 away
28-30, 17-11 home

Scoring Summary

3rdSoto singled to left, Robles scored, Turner to second, Ross to third.10
4thRobles doubled to deep right center, Mercer scored.20
4thRobles scored on throwing error by catcher Realmuto.30
4thMcCutchen singled to center, Realmuto scored, Hoskins to second, Harper to third.31
4thMiller walked, Harper scored, McCutchen to second, Hoskins to third.32
4thBohm walked, Hoskins scored, Miller to second, McCutchen to third.33
4thTorreyes grounded into fielder's choice to third, McCutchen scored, Bohm to second, Miller to third.34
4thJoyce struck out swinging, Miller scored on Finnegan wild pitch, Torreyes to second on wild pitch by Finnegan, Bohm to third on wild pitch by Finnegan.35
4thHerrera singled to left, Bohm scored and Torreyes scored.37
5thMiller homered to right (426 feet), McCutchen scored.39
6thStevenson grounded out to second, Avila scored, Robles to third.49
6thTurner singled to left, Robles scored.59
6thSoto tripled to deep center, Turner scored.69
6thRealmuto homered to right (345 feet), Maton scored and Herrera scored.612