32-31, 16-16 away
36-27, 22-10 home

Scoring Summary

2ndCarpenter singled to right, O'Neill scored, Molina thrown out at third.10
3rdArenado singled to right center, Oviedo scored, Goldschmidt to third.20
4thPederson homered to right center (425 feet).21
5thCarlson doubled to deep center, Oviedo scored, Edman to third.31
5thArenado singled to center, Edman scored and Carlson scored.51
5thContreras scored, Heyward to second on passed ball by Molina.52
5thAlcántara tripled to right center, Heyward scored.53
5thAlcántara scored.54
6thRizzo homered to right (393 feet).55
7thPederson doubled to deep right center, Heyward scored and Marisnick scored.57
8thContreras homered to right (402 feet).58