33-31, 17-15 away
38-28, 20-16 home

Scoring Summary

1stVotto grounded out to first, Winker scored, Stephenson to second, Castellanos to third.10
1stVogelbach homered to right (410 feet).11
2ndIndia doubled to left center, Farmer scored, Gutiérrez to third.21
2ndWinker singled to center, Gutiérrez scored, India to third.31
2ndCastellanos grounded into fielder's choice to second, India scored, Winker out at second.41
2ndLauer hit sacrifice fly to center, Peterson scored.42
7thVotto homered to right (417 feet), Stephenson scored.62
9thSuárez singled to shallow center, Stephenson scored and Votto scored.82
9thAquino homered to left (399 feet), Suárez scored.102