44-30, 21-18 away
45-32, 28-14 home

Scoring Summary

1stCronenworth homered to right (368 feet).01
1stMachado homered to left (423 feet).02
4thSmith singled to center, Muncy scored, Bellinger to second.12
4thBeaty grounded into fielder's choice to first, Bellinger scored on throwing error by shortstop Tatis Jr., Beaty to second, Smith out at second.22
7thCaratini homered to right (387 feet).23
8thTurner singled to right, Muncy scored.33
8thGrisham walked, Cronenworth scored, Myers to second, Machado to third.34
8thCaratini hit sacrifice fly to right, Machado scored, Myers to third.35