34-46, 16-28 away
37-41, 22-15 home

Scoring Summary

2ndPanik homered to right (380 feet).10
2ndHarper homered to center (444 feet).11
2ndMaton tripled to right, McCutchen scored and Bohm scored.13
2ndHerrera hit sacrifice fly to left, Maton scored.14
4thDuvall homered to left (458 feet).24
4thSegura singled to center, Maton scored, Nola to third.25
5thCooper singled to center, Sierra scored.35
5thRojas singled to center, Cooper scored, Duvall to third.45
5thSanchez singled to right, Duvall scored, Rojas to third.55
5thPanik singled to right center, Rojas scored, Sanchez to third.65
5thLeón doubled to deep right, Panik scored and Sanchez scored.85
6thCooper reached on infield single to shortstop, Chisholm Jr. scored, S. Marte to second.95
6thS. Marte scored on error, Rojas safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Bohm, Cooper to second.105
7thHarper homered to right (421 feet).106
8thSanchez doubled to right, Duvall scored.116