47-35, 24-19 away
42-38, 18-19 home

Scoring Summary

1stSpringer homered to center (406 feet), Bichette scored.02
2ndGurriel Jr. doubled to left, Biggio scored, Grichuk to third.03
2ndMcGuire singled to shallow right center, Grichuk scored, Gurriel Jr. to third.04
2ndSemien grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Gurriel Jr. scored, McGuire out at second.05
2ndGuerrero Jr. singled to right, Semien scored.06
6thHernández scored on Springs wild pitch, Biggio to third on wild pitch by Springs.07
7thSemien homered to left (357 feet).08
7thGuerrero Jr. homered to right (370 feet), Bichette scored.010
8thLowe doubled to deep right center, Mejía scored.110
8thEspinal singled to shallow right, Semien scored, Guerrero Jr. to second, Bichette to third.111