54-39, 27-18 away
48-43, 23-21 home

Scoring Summary

1stNaquin doubled to deep right, Votto scored and Winker scored.02
2ndGarcía homered to center (418 feet).12
3rdSuárez doubled to deep left, Naquin scored and Castellanos scored.14
5thAdames homered to right (349 feet), Wong scored.34
5thBarnhart singled to center, Naquin scored, Suárez to third.35
6thUrías doubled to left, Peterson scored.45
6thBradley Jr. singled to shallow center, Urías scored on fielding error by second baseman India.55
6thWong singled to left center, Bradley Jr. scored.65
8thUrías homered to left (364 feet).75
8thAdames doubled to deep left, Bradley Jr. scored and Wong scored, Yelich to third.95
8thNarváez struck out, Yelich scored on Hendrix wild pitch, Narváez to first, Adames to third.105
8thAdames scored on Hendrix wild pitch, Narváez to second on wild pitch by Hendrix.115
9thAquino homered to right center (418 feet).116