31-63, 18-33 away
56-39, 29-18 home

Scoring Summary

1stBruján singled to left, Arozarena scored, Bruján to second.01
1stFranco hit sacrifice fly to right, Bruján scored.02
2ndSeverino singled to left, Santander scored.12
3rdArozarena homered to center (418 feet).13
4thMejía homered to left (412 feet), Lowe scored.15
8thMountcastle hit sacrifice fly, Hays scored, Mountcastle to first on fielding error by right fielder Lowe.25
8thSantander doubled to deep center, Mountcastle scored.35
8thMejía tripled to deep center, Bruján scored, Meadows scored and Lowe scored.38
8thChoi singled to right, Mejía scored.39