Scoring Summary

1stSmith doubled to center, Taylor scored.01
1stBellinger doubled to right, Smith scored.02
1stBeaty singled to left, Bellinger scored, Pollock to second.03
3rdDíaz homered to left (392 feet).13
3rdTurner homered to left center (395 feet).14
6thStory homered to center (415 feet).24
6thMcMahon singled to right, Blackmon scored, Cron to third.34
6thPollock singled to left, Bellinger scored.35
8thBlackmon doubled to left, Hampson scored.45
8thMcMahon reached on infield single to first, Blackmon scored.55
9thHilliard homered to right (408 feet).65
9thTurner walked, Barnes scored, McKinney to second, Taylor to third.66
10thStory singled to left, Hampson scored, Story to second.76
10thBlackmon homered to right (393 feet), Story scored.96