61-40, 27-20 away
55-46, 33-21 home

Scoring Summary

1stAlvarez singled to deep right center, Brantley scored, Gurriel to third.10
1stCorrea doubled to deep center, Gurriel scored, Alvarez to third.20
1stTucker homered to right (387 feet), Alvarez scored and Correa scored.50
1stToro homered to right (342 feet).60
4thMaldonado homered to left (394 feet).70
4thRaleigh doubled to deep right center, Crawford scored, France scored and Seager scored.73
5thMaldonado singled to left, Correa scored, Toro to second.83
5thSeager homered to right (383 feet), Long Jr. scored and Crawford scored.86
6thLong Jr. singled to shallow left center, Torrens scored.87
8thMoore homered to left (395 feet), France scored, Kelenic scored and Murphy scored.811