62-40, 28-20 away
55-47, 33-22 home

Scoring Summary

1stAlvarez homered to right (423 feet), Altuve scored and Gurriel scored.30
1stSeager homered to right (340 feet), Crawford scored.32
4thStraw doubled to deep right center, Correa scored and Díaz scored.52
4thMaldonado singled to left center, Straw scored.62
4thMaldonado scored on Flexen wild pitch, Altuve to third on wild pitch by Flexen.72
5thDíaz singled to left, Alvarez scored, Tucker to third.82
6thKelenic singled to center, France scored and Raleigh scored, Torrens to second.84
9thToro homered to right (358 feet), Kelenic scored.86