Doubleheader - Game 2
47-55, 20-30 away
51-51, 31-21 home

Scoring Summary

1stHernández doubled to center, Escobar scored and Soto scored, Zimmerman scored, Hernández to third on fielding error by center fielder Williams.30
1stBarrera doubled to deep center, Hernández scored.40
2ndHarrison homered to left (374 feet), Zimmerman scored.60
3rdCorbin grounded into fielder's choice to second, Kieboom scored on throwing error by second baseman Segura, Stevenson safe at third on error.70
3rdHoskins homered to center (430 feet).71
4thMcCutchen homered to left (408 feet).72
4thBohm homered to right (337 feet).73
5thMcCutchen singled to left, Segura scored.74
7thBohm singled to right center, Miller scored, McCutchen to third.75
7thRealmuto singled to left, Bohm scored and McCutchen scored, Realmuto to second, Torreyes to second, Torreyes safe at third on throwing error by left fielder Parra.77
8thZimmerman singled to center, Soto scored.87
8thMiller homered to right (425 feet), Marchan scored, Segura scored and Nola scored.811