52-53, 21-32 away
40-65, 23-30 home

Scoring Summary

1stRealmuto singled to left, Jankowski scored, Realmuto to second.10
2ndSegura doubled to deep right, Gibson scored and Herrera scored.30
3rdDifo singled to right, M. Keller scored, Gamel to second.31
5thRealmuto doubled to deep left, Harper scored.41
6thHerrera hit sacrifice fly to center, Bohm scored, Gregorius to third.51
6thSegura doubled to deep center, Gregorius scored.61
7thGregorius singled to center, Harper scored and Realmuto scored, Gregorius to second.81
7thNewman hit sacrifice fly to center, Park scored.82
8thRealmuto singled to left, Jankowski scored and Segura scored, Harper to second.102
8thBohm walked, Harper scored, Miller to second, Realmuto to third.112
8thGregorius hit sacrifice fly to center, Realmuto scored.122
8thHerrera singled to center, Miller scored, Bohm to second.132
9thMiller grounded out to second, Marchan scored, Realmuto to third.142
9thBohm grounded out to second, Realmuto scored.152
9thPerez homered to right (392 feet), Castro scored.154