38-68, 21-37 away
57-49, 28-24 home

Scoring Summary

2ndTorres doubled to deep right, Sánchez scored.01
3rdLeMahieu doubled to deep right, Allen scored.02
3rdRizzo singled to shallow center, LeMahieu scored on throwing error by center fielder Mullins, Rizzo to second.03
3rdStanton singled to center, Rizzo scored, Judge to second.04
3rdSánchez doubled to deep left, Judge scored, Stanton to third.05
3rdTorres hit sacrifice fly to right, Stanton scored, Sánchez to third.06
4thStanton homered to right (353 feet), LeMahieu scored and Rizzo scored.09
8thMountcastle doubled to right center, Mullins scored.19
8thWade doubled to shallow right, Odor scored and Torres scored.111
8thRizzo grounded out to shortstop, Wade scored.112
8thJudge homered to right (340 feet).113