57-51, 23-31 away
46-63, 26-27 home

Scoring Summary

2ndVillar grounded out to second, Do. Smith scored, Conforto to second, Báez to third.10
2ndNido grounded into fielder's choice to first, Báez scored, Conforto third.20
2ndCarrasco grounded into fielder's choice to catcher, Conforto scored on error, Nido safe at second on throwing error by pitcher Thompson.30
5thPanik singled to center, Alfaro scored, De La Cruz to third.31
5thChisholm Jr. grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, De La Cruz scored, Panik out at second.32
6thAguilar homered to left (394 feet).33
8thBáez homered to right (358 feet).43
8thNimmo walked, Davis to second, Conforto scored on passed ball. 53