55-53, 24-32 away
49-59, 29-29 home

Scoring Summary

1stRobles homered to left (424 feet).01
2ndGarcía homered to right (371 feet).02
2ndKieboom homered to left (410 feet).03
3rdJankowski doubled to right, Knapp scored.13
3rdSegura doubled to deep left, Jankowski scored.23
3rdHarper singled to left center, Segura scored.33
3rdHoskins doubled to deep center, Harper scored.43
5thHoskins homered to left (434 feet), Harper scored.63
7thGregorius homered to right (412 feet), Hoskins scored.83
7thGarcía homered to left (356 feet).84
8thHarper doubled to right center, Jankowski scored, Segura to third.94
9thKieboom singled to center, Hernández scored.95