66-44, 31-22 away
38-70, 17-32 home

Scoring Summary

1stMountcastle singled to left, Mullins scored.01
2ndKiermaier reached on infield single to first, Margot scored on error and Zunino scored on error by pitcher Means.21
2ndSeverino homered to right (414 feet).22
2ndMartin doubled to left, Franco scored.23
3rdHays homered to left center (382 feet).24
5thMateo tripled to deep center, Mancini scored.25
6thCruz homered to left center (395 feet), Kiermaier scored and Luplow scored.55
8thCruz doubled to shallow left, Phillips scored and Kiermaier scored, Luplow to third.75
8thFranco singled to center, Luplow scored and Cruz scored.95
8thMargot singled to center, Franco scored, Díaz to second.105
8thMartin hit sacrifice fly to right, Santander scored.106