49-61, 20-31 away
56-55, 28-28 home

Scoring Summary

1stDuvall singled to right, Freeman scored and Soler scored, Riley to second.02
3rdBarrera scored on Muller wild pitch.12
4thKieboom singled to left, Escobar scored, Bell to second.22
5thFedde hit sacrifice fly to left, Parra scored.32
5thRiley singled to center, Soler scored, Freeman to third.33
5thSwanson reached on infield single to third, Freeman scored, Riley to second.34
5thDuvall doubled to left, Riley scored, Swanson to third.35
8thFreeman singled to right, Adrianza scored and Vogt scored, Albies to third.37
8thRiley hit sacrifice fly to second, Albies scored.38
9thGarcía doubled to deep right, Hernández scored.48