70-41, 35-24 away
66-45, 32-26 home

Scoring Summary

3rdAdames doubled to left, Wong scored.01
4thBelt homered to center (401 feet).11
4thCain hit sacrifice fly to center, Taylor scored.12
9thBryant scored on error, La Stella safe at first on fielding error by right fielder García, La Stella safe at third on error.22
10thPosey singled to center, Estrada scored and Wade Jr. scored, Belt to third.42
10thCrawford hit sacrifice fly to left, Belt scored.52
10thUrías homered to center (419 feet), Piña scored.54
10thAdames homered to center (416 feet).55
11thWade Jr. singled to right, Slater scored.65
11thBelt homered to right (369 feet), Wade Jr. scored.85
11thBryant doubled to deep right center, Posey scored.95
11thCain singled to right center, García scored.96