Scoring Summary

2ndDíaz homered to left (408 feet).10
2ndKiermaier grounded out to first, Wendle scored, Margot to third.20
3rdMateo stole third and scored on throwing error by catcher Zunino.21
3rdMullins homered to right center (402 feet), Martin scored.23
5thCruz homered to center (440 feet), Lowe scored.43
6thPhillips doubled to right, Wendle scored.53
8thLowe homered to left (343 feet), Wendle scored, Margot scored and Zunino scored.93
8thFranco homered to right (414 feet).103
9thLowe walked, Wendle scored, Phillips to second, Margot to third.113
9thMargot scored on Mattson wild pitch, Lowe to second on wild pitch by Mattson, Phillips to third on wild pitch by Mattson.123