68-44, 33-22 away
38-72, 17-34 home

Scoring Summary

1stMullins homered to right (380 feet).01
2ndMartin singled to right, Mateo scored.02
2ndHays singled to center, Martin scored.03
3rdLowe singled to right center, Mejía scored.13
3rdSantander homered to center (422 feet).14
4thMeadows homered to right (364 feet).24
4thHays singled to center, Wynns scored.25
7thPhillips homered to left center (393 feet).35
8thFranco walked, Lowe scored, Cruz to second, Luplow to third.45
8thDíaz hit sacrifice fly to center, Luplow scored.55
8thPhillips homered to left center (390 feet), Cruz scored, Franco scored and Margot scored.95
9thSantander doubled to deep center, Mullins scored.96