62-57, 31-27 away
50-68, 29-33 home

Scoring Summary

2ndVogt grounded out to first, Duvall scored, Pederson to third.10
3rdSwanson homered to center (417 feet), Riley scored.30
3rdRobles singled to left, García scored, Sánchez to third.31
3rdSánchez scored on Smyly wild pitch, Robles to second on wild pitch by Smyly.32
3rdSoto hit sacrifice fly to left, Robles scored.33
5thFreeman homered to left (384 feet).43
5thRiley homered to left (403 feet).53
5thSwanson scored on Klobosits wild pitch, Vogt to second, Pederson to third.63
5thKieboom singled to right, Soto scored and Bell scored.65